Monday, February 2, 2009

[200] What's New In BizTalk 2009

Microsoft has renamed the next version of BizTalk previously known as BizTalk Server 2006 R3 to BizTalk Server 2009 and published a detailed roadmap for the product. and here is what i found changed:

The following component/feature has been deprecated and no longer available:

  • BizTalk Deployment Command Line Tool
  • HWS Design Tools
  • Human Workflow Services Runtime Components
  • Human Workflow Services Base Assemblies
  • Human Workflow Service Administration Tools
  • BAS Schema Editor Extension
  • BizTalk Message Queuing
  • Deployment Wizard
  • Health and activity monitoring tool (Moved to BTS Admin Console)
Also the following features/Components has been deprecated
  • VS ExplorerUI (BizTalk Explorer)
  • Web Services Publishing wizard (ASMX)
  • Line of Business Adapters for SAP/Oracle DB/Siebel
  • The old SQL Server Adapter
  • Base EDI Adapter(exists as Standard EDI Adapter)
  • BTS Accelerator for HIPAA (exists as EDI feature)
  • Web Services Enhancements adapter WSE (Replaced by WCF)
  • MSMQt Adapter (newMSMQ adapter)BTSDeploy.exe Utility (replaced by BTSTask.exe)

When creating a new BizTalk project you will find it very similar to any other C# project, there no need to add registry code so you can see the generated code.

While the BizTalk 2009 project is C# project, so you can add and compile C# and other resources files. This will help to write your custom C# code inside the same BizTalk Project.

While the new BizTalk 2009 project is C# project, so the default configuration are Debug & Release

Add Web Reference has been deprecated in Visual Studio 2008 and it has been replaced with “Add Service Reference” that’s will be applied also to the BizTalk 2009 projects.

You can compile the BizTalk 2009 project without any need for Visual Studio or even BizTalk to be installed. This will be very helpful to be used on build servers.

New Enhances debugging support for artifacts, BizTalk unit testing feature has been added to unit testing Maps, Schemas, Orchestrations, and Pipelines. There is a restriction here for multisource map.

Testing Guidance by [Michael Stephenson]

Project Files becomes MsBuild Files

Pipeline new components (Enable Dynamic Port Routing, and Resend Manager)

New options when adding new resources using the BizTalk 2009 Administration tool, "Make visible to COM components (regasm)" and "Register service components (regsvcs).

Map Debugging

New Web Services Registry UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, Integration) includes a UDDI 3.0 registry which provides support for registry affiliation, extended discovery services, digital certificates and extensibility for a subscription API

New Administration Change, two new query has been added to compensate the HAT for tracked message events and tracked service event

New Messaging Changes

  • Recoverable interchange (XMLValidator, map – SuspendMessageOnMappingFailure property)
  • Choose the transaction isolation level in the WCF-Custom Send Adapter

Support for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Support for Windows Server 2008 , and for sure support for the Hyper-V virtualization that provide the meaning of reducing the costs through lower hardware, energy, and management overhead, plus providing a dynamic IT infrastructure

Improved Failover Clustering, By taking advantage of Windows 2008 clustering, BizTalk Server is now able to be deployed in multi-site cluster scenarios, where cluster nodes could reside on separate IP subnets and avoid complicated VLANs

Support for SQL 2008

Support for Team Foundation Server (TFS), now the development teams can automate builds, bug tracking, Project Server integration, source control and team development support

Standard used for creating Web service registries

Provide new ESB Guidance plugins inside Visual Studio 2008, ESB Guidance 2.0 that is used for applying ESB usage patterns, improved itinerary processing, itinerary modeling using a visual Domain Specific Language (DSL) tools approach also it comes with enhanced ESB management portal.

BizTalk 2009 has the same failover clustering capabilities as Windows Server 2008 for greater reliability

Enhanced Business Activity Monitoring , the combination of BizTalk 2009 and SQL 2008 provide support for UDM cubes and scalable real-time aggregations which enhances support for Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007

Connectivity with intelligent RFID devices

  • Support for RFID 1.1
  • BizTalk RFID extended to Mobile Devices
  • Support for key industry standards
  • Enables using new readers with LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol)
  • Machine readable tag data standards (TDT for EPC)
  • Web Services for device management and Discovery, Configuration, Initialization (DCI)
  • WS Discovery and partial EPCIS support

Enhanced support for EDI and AS2


  • Control of envelope headers
  • Automatic rollover of control numbers
  • Configurable content delimiter character
  • Support for multiple batches per party
  • Updated reporting to cover all new features


  • Support for multiple message attachments
  • Configurable message auto-resend
  • Filename is preserved end-to-end
  • Updated reporting to cover all new features
  • Drummond re-certification

Enhanced support for SWIFT

New Adapters:

  • Oracle E-Business Suites
  • SQL Server (much improved over the existing SQL adapter)

Host Integration Server 2009 & BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems (BAHS) 2.0

  • New WCF WebSphere MQ channel to integrate directly with WebSphere MQ
  • New WCF Service for Host Applications has been added to expose the traditional Transaction Integrator to .NET Framework developers
  • Support for the most recent versions of CICS, IMS, CICS HTTP transport, DB2, DB2/400, DB2 Universal Database, and WebSphere MQ

*for beta version Sign up here -


  1. as a beginner ,its quite useful for me

  2. Still no debugging from the IDE? I see this as one of the biggest issues in BizTalk. One must deploy it before they can debug it. Bummer.

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