Sunday, February 1, 2009

[400] Deploy a New Version of a BizTalk Application to Run Side-by-side with an Existing Version

Purpose: Deploy two or more versions of BizTalk application to run side by side at the run Reason:

  • Used to deploy newer version of a Long Running orchestrations.
  • Production soft lunching Having more than a version of BizTalk application to run on production Server

Apply To: BizTalk 2006, BizTalk 2009


  1. Use visual studio to make the required updates
  2. Increment the version number for each used assembly, use the most significant two digits x.x.x.x such like ( to (
  3. Compile your project and don’t use Visual Studio to deploy the newly created version
  4. Use Microsoft BizTalk Administration Tools to deploy you new changes
  5. Use same ports to Bind your orchestrations


(Step 1)

(Step 2)

(Step 3)

(Step 4)

(Step 5)

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